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I had Deb as a Career Coach and she was very motivating and caring. I could relate to her to her in many ways and most of all she made me feel safe in sharing with her some of my lifes challenges. She had me thinking outside of the box, and helped me see things in a different perspective. She is very encouraging and resourceful! I would highly recommend her to any one. — Top qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity

— Andrea Picchi

Deb is a very warm, motivational, and energetic coach that was highly valued by clients. She also did a great job of inspiring them while moving them towards their goals. Deb has a great sense of humour and I often heard laughter through our shared wall.

— Jill Unsworth, Program Administrator

Deb is a caring, approachable, and empathetic Coach. She is passionate about her career and her facilitation skills are both effective and client focused. She inspires her clients to have the courage to reach their goals. I would not hesitate to recommend Deb as an intuitive, compassionate, and reliable Coach. — Top qualities: Expert, High Integrity, Creative

— Shabnam Khatibijah

Deb’s coaching has helped me get unstuck, find creative solutions, and move out of my comfort zone and into action in many areas of my life. What I love about working with her is her ability to cut to the heart of the matter in a way that empowers me. And I really appreciate the fact that she does not let me make myself wrong.

— Paula Holland De Long CPCC, ACC

Meeting Deb and then working with her was a great experience. I learned alot about myself and Deb helped to “unlock” some of the grey areas in my life. I continue to use some of the strategies and concepts I learned from her on a daily basis. I recommended her to friends and family.

— Marcel Schaubs

Deb Little is patient, insightful, experienced and deeply passionate about working with youth to help them discover and achieve their career aspirations. Inspired Strengths says it all — I highly recommend Deb.

— Cynthia Roney

My time spent in consultation with Deb was enlightening. Her unique way of looking at life circumstance and giving it perspective aided my journey to understanding. Deb’s caring and creative concepts helped us to get deeper than I ever expected to go during a life coaching relationship. She truly facilitated a better understanding of who I am and how I operate in the world!

— Nicole Ninow

Deb has a keen way of cutting to the chase. She listens at a deep level to help clients uncover what is holding them back. Deb’s specialty is working with parents. I would encourage any parents who are parenting and having challenges or divorced to try her out.

— Jen Bertsch

Working with Barry has been a huge help in keeping up with my studying, my assignments, with day to day activities and errands as well as keeping myself from getting overwhelmed when things pile on.

— MQ, Student, Waterloo University

You should have been a fly on the wall after your conversation with LP this week. He apparently had an “AHA!” moment! He was SO excited! He just couldn’t stop talking about visualizing his dreams for the future and making them real and how he suddenly understood for the first time what that meant. Whatever you are doing and saying is working!!! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

— JP, Parent, Long Island

Working with Barry has helped me in many different ways. From planning schoolwork, scheduling a daily routine and organizing my life/room, Barry has given me the confidence to succeed. Sometimes you need an outsider’s perspective to help you evolve into a better, more productive person. Barry has worked with me step-by-step into realizing my full potential!

— PR, Student, York University

If there is one person whom I would recommend to inspire, support and empower you in your career it would be without question Barry Forward. Barry has a lifetime of experience helping young people; the soccer fields of Canada, disadvantaged youth in Latin American cities, in schools and in a plethora of other situations. I would commend him without hesitation to enhance the life of any young person.

— Barrie Street, Teacher & Math Tutor, North Vancouver, BC

Through Barry’s guidance I’ve really learned my strengths, skills and preferences to determine the best course of study as well as career for me. The best part of working with Barry is that it feels comfortable and truly helpful. I enjoy our conversations.

— CT, 22, Flight Attendant & Future Student, Whitehorse, YT

Working with Inspired Strengths has opened the door to a new career path for me. I not only was able to figure out a career that fits for me and that I love, but I now have the tools, skills and confidence to land job interviews with the companies I want to work with.

— JM, 44, Surrey, BC

When I first came to Inspired Strengths my résumé sucked and I wasn’t sure there were any new jobs out there for me. After 3 months working with them, I know where I want to go, who might hire me, and what I need to do to land that job.