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barryBarry has been leading, motivating, and coaching young people and executives since 1990. A Career and Life Coach with Inspired Strengths and an Executive Coach with Forward Consulting, he is involved in individual and group coaching as well as facilitation and training. Barry is deeply interested in empowering young people and helping them find their purpose and career path.
A Certified Executive Coach with over twenty years experience in the corporate world, Barry has worked as a senior executive, marketing and communications specialist, and workshop leader. Early in his career Barry found a job that he absolutely loved, and talked his way into being a reporter, an on-air talk show host, and radio station programmer. Taking a strong commitment to effective communications he moved into the dynamic world of marketing and public relations and worked for Palmer Jarvis, one western Canada’s largest advertising firms. Eventually Barry became co-owner of Reputations Corporation in Vancouver.

Barry has been involved in the hiring of hundreds of individuals, and on the front- line of numerous individual’s career paths, as they attempted to break into an industry or considered a career change. In this role he served as an advisor, mentor and coach to young people as they worked their way toward a career that they love. Spend the time and do the work to find the right career that fits you – and Barry believes success can’t help but follow!

At present, Barry provides one-on-one coaching in diverse and complex contexts. His clients include students, new employees, those new to leadership roles, senior executives, and youth leaders. In an average year, Barry provides one hundred and fifty to two hundred hours of one-on-one coaching and group coaching. He is particularly proud of his work coaching, mentoring and developing youth leaders to increase their focus and direction, as well as their leadership capacity and effectiveness.

Throughout his career, maintains a strong commitment to support and champion youth empowerment through many organizations and community groups. He has been involved with the Big Sisters and Big Brothers organizations in Vancouver, and been a sports coach for soccer, baseball and hockey teams. Barry has served as a national Board member for five years for Pueblito Canada, an international development agency dedicated to improve the lives of children. He was also selected to serve as member of the BC Ministry of Children and Family Development’s Vancouver Coastal Regional Planning Committee. He has been a coach and a member of the executive for the North Shore Girls Soccer Club (and is the Club Registrar) for the past ten years.

Currently, Barry is an elected School Trustee and Vice Chair for the North Vancouver School Board. He believes the school system needs champions to ensure that every student, no matter what their background, unique personality or learning style, should have an opportunity to succeed. As Trustee, Barry connects with students throughout the education system and has served as the Board liaison to the Student Leadership Council. He speaks on a regular basis to parents and students, and has been delighted to be invited to speak at High School Graduation Ceremonies.